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Sunday Funday!

Sunday Funday got a little more relaxing with Todd's Father's Day Present! As I've said before, we adore our quaint little porch and gave it the ultimate upgrade!

This truly was not a bank-breaking purchase. We opted against outdoor televisions given their exporbinant expense in addition to the ever-evolving television technology. However, we did opt for a 3-year complete warranty that covered heat and humidity. Plus, it has the extra protection of being on a covered porch! We plan to bring this television inside to store after the fall season, so it will not be out in the cold.

Given the brick exterior, I wanted to avoid any damage/mount directly on the brick, so I found an "under cabinet" mount that would hold up to a 37" TV on Amazon (info/link below). After having enjoyed this for a week, the only change I would make is for a swivel mount. I then measured for a TV that would fit neatly between the mantle corbels, so his is 32" Westinghouse from BJ's Wholesale (info below) along with the extended 3-year warranty. Lastly, we finished off the TV with an outdoor cover, for extra protection (expecially those wild passing summer thunderstorms) from Amazon (info below). All-in-all, this was a well-spent $210! The TV We chose also has a built-in DVD player, so we let our toddler watch Disney Movies out there, too!

TV Mount: Impact Mounts Folding Ceiling Tv Mount Bracket ($32):

A Swivel TV Mount ($28):

Westinghouse 32" TV ($130):

*Don't forget BJ's extended 3-year warranty for $29.99!

Outdoor TV Cover ($20):

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