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Holiday Storage Tips & Tricks

Sneak peak into one of many holiday bins! Each holiday has color coordinated plastic bins and laminated labels. I try to put everything away clean (and ironed) in their baggies so the next time I go into these bins of wonder, all is ready to go! Truly makes it worthwhile and more enjoyable to decorate for the holidays, even though it is a process putting all away... #worthit!

Pro tip: purchase bins post-holiday on sale for the next year! I love buying sale decorations and bins, which I then pack away neatly for the next year and it's like another holiday seeing all the new purchases! All these bins came from @target over the years. They bring out the multi-colored ones seasonally. I then use @homedepot industrial metal shelves in the basement to keep the bins tidy and off the ground as we have occasional water saturation with heavy rain.

Plastic Bins:

*GET THE ONES WITH LATCH HANDLES- keeps the lid on better, especially when heavy than the snap lids* *I also like the CLEAR multi-colored bins so I can see what's inside before pulling it off the shelf*

Metal Shelves:

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