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Happy Independence Day!

There is no holiday or season I won't celebrate! Another mother-inheritance: obsession with holiday and seasonal decor! It's all about the hunt. Each year I add a little bit to my collection, generally post-holiday or season to get the deals. This is particularly strategic, not only to save money, but it is almost like Christmas every time I pull out those bins! After a year or so of storage, I forget what I purchased at the end of the season prior, so it is a surprise every time! This has been problematic in the past when I discover I've purchased nearly identical items. So now I try to inventory each holiday bin and make notes of what I would like to add or "hunt for" next year. Each holiday bin is color coded with a laminated label, making my creepy basement a little less creepy and instead, a treasure trove of decor goodies!

On an aside, I cannot wait to upgrade that dreadful stove!

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