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Weird Fact Wednesday: Feeling Faux

Did you know there are fake windows? And people buy them? And by people, I am referring to my loving husband (as of 3 years today!)? Although I fought this concept hard as an adversary to the "fans of faux," it did manage to make our mini airplane hanger appear a bit more charming. The 2nd photo is how the garage looked when we purchased Peachtree Cottage and the 3rd is my hope for its continued improvement!

The reason we used faux windows (sounds preferable to fake) is because the lovely corrugated sheet metal enclosing said mini airplane hanger would not allow for real windows. Although we eventually plan to replace this with vinyl or hardiplank siding, this was an inexpensive and impactful solution.

Moving forward, the plan is to replace the siding, which will allow for installing actual functional windows, adding much-needed shutters, swapping out the existing door for a dutch door (stained in a darker natural tone), build an over-the-door pergola and plant window boxes.

Will post updates as they occur! Any suggestions are always welcome!

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