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Care About Hardware!

After watching Rehab Addict revitalize all of the hardware in an old home, I looked around my 1930's Cape Cod only to realize layers of paint caked on every hardware surface from years of lazy painters. I decided with this bathroom renovation that I would give this "quick trick" a try, and it was just that- quick without tricks! All it took was an old Crock Pot I purchased for $15 on Craigslist, some Dawn soap, Bar Keepers Friend and a wire brush. I soaked the hardware in the Crock Pot and Dawn soap overnight. It took minimal elbow grease to scrape the old paint off of the hardware with the wire brush and I polished the neglected brass with some Bar Keepers Friend. Looks nearly new again! Now to complete sanding the door and re-apply this hardware. Have a sneaking suspicion I will want to tear off all the hardware around the house after this one! #theresalwayssomething #whatsoldisnewagain

I also upgraded the vanity hardware with some Anthropologie knobs that match the crystal doorknobs I have throughout the house. These helped take this generic vanity up a notch! Still some more details to go but it's finally starting to look like a bathroom again!

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