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Festive Fall Fare

I absolutely love to entertain! Brunch, luncheons, cocktail parties and dinners, I'll host them all. My favorite revolve around themes. The holidays are always an easy theme to play off of when setting the table, but seasons, life events and color schemes are also opportunities to celebrate.

After attending an event at the University of Richmond with Danielle Rollins, author of Sioree: Entertaining with Style, Gracious Living & Stylish Entertaining multimedia lifestyle connoisseur, she taught me quite a bit about entertaining. I love layering china, introducing fun textures, touches of tradition and always something monogrammed! Adding pieces each year makes it more fun for me to watch the table build upon itself. Most everything on this table was purchased locally here in RVA. I can't wait to see what I find to add for next year!

With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years right around the corner, check back in to see my other tablescapes and decor!

Featured Shops/Designers: Waterford, Horchow, Juliska, Pottery Barn, West End Antiques, Fraische.

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