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Screen Porch Redo

Nothing like a cozy porch to enjoy the Southern Fall! This "quaint" space has been a labor of love but much enjoyed!

Upgrades made: completely reframed the porch from 2x2's to 2x4's with a lower "drink rail" (per the husband's request), all new screening including "dog-proof" lower screens, repainted all trim, replaced old ceiling fan with a wide-blade wicker fan, painted beadboard ceiling in the traditional Lowcountry "haint" blue (to ward off the ghosts and bad spirits), painted the floor with a deck-over, whitewashed the brick walls, added a dark stained mantle, recovered all patio cushions and throw pillows! Additionally, we rebuilt the stairs leading out to the backyard when we built our patio (will add to this blog later on!).

Projected Cost: $500

Actual Cost: $800

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